Repurpose your climbing rope into a rug!

| Recycle Outdoor Gear | 25th March, 2012

Repurpose your climbing rope into a rug!

A great example of repurposing climbing rope based in The States, thought it might stimulate something in the UK –  ROG

Many climbers have retired ropes taking up space in their storage. Many times it because the options are limited to actually recycle the rope. Sometimes climbers get attached to the rope from fond memories of climbing. Whatever the reason we finally a solution. Retied Rope Rugs has a Do-It-Yourself Kit that provides written instructions and a pattern that makes a doormat size rug in just a few hours. You can view our DIY Video on our Facebook page!/pages/Retied-Rope-Rugs/310696395725?sk=videos to see just how easy it is!

It’s a win win! Climbers keep their fond memories close and get space back in their storage. One of the advantages to using climbing rope and repurpose them into rugs is that they come in a variety of colors and are durable. Each rug is unique. Rugs are stylish for the indoors and durable for the outdoors.

If you are not interested in weaving a rug yourself ship your rope to us and we will weave it for you. We can also take your rope and create a coil rug.

Maybe you like the look of the rug but don’t have a rope. No worries. We have a collection of retired ropes that you can choose from. We can weave a doormat size rug or create a coil rug from a variety of colors.

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