Recycling and the great outdoors

| Recycle Outdoor Gear | 10th December, 2012

ROG - recycling and the great outdoors

Reuse, Recycling and the great outdoors

Before we look at the great outdoors we should perhaps take a look at the fashion industry because certain brands are making great strides with regard to at least 2R’s.

Reduce, reuse and recycle are three ‘R’ words we hear a lot about.

This tweet just caught my eye…

Did you hear? H&M wants to pay YOU to recycle?

H&M the fashion chain is putting its money where its mouth is. In February 2013, they’re initiating a recycling program where you get a discount card (if you spend over a certain amount) for every bag of used clothing your drop off at an H&M store, reducing the price of your new purchases while facilitating the reuse of your used garments.They are referring to is as their Global Clothes Collecting Initiative’. The bigger news about this one is they are making it available to customers in all their outlets across the globe. Customers in all 48 of the markets the company operates in will be able to hand in used garments for recycling.

Now that is impressive.

Before that M&S developed their Shwopping initiative. Read More

A good question on Huffington Past recently was

Do you know what other fast-fashion brand is tidying up its act?

Fact in the UK there are 350,000tonnes of clothing being sent to landfill each year.With a further 70,000tonnes destined for incineration. There will be lots of good reusable outdoor gear in this.

So back to the UK outdoor industry…

Think of any of the 3 R’s  when it comes to outdoor gear and you can’t help but gravitate towards Patagonia.They are market leaders in 3R implementation and customer acceptance and have developed their own 5thR  –  Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recycle and Reimagine

Has this stimulated others to follow?  

The short answer is yes but very slowly. So slow it’s almost undetectable.
This side of the Atlantic things are even slower. There are exceptions of course:

Paramo Developing Recycling Reuse and Repair Read more  

Rohan have found their own individual way with a logical development of meaningful reuse with Gift Your Gear and ROG

Other brands have tried individual programs. Some of the stories we covered on ROGblog

Tiso... Read more 

Berghaus  Read more 

Will they do it again?

Cicerone – New Guides for Old with Guide Book Exchange Scheme  Read more

Green Peak Gear collect used climbing gear and remake it into new products. The products they currently make include rope rugs, dog leads and skipping ropes. Read More

Please drop us a comment if you know of a recycling or reuse scheme by any outdoor company in the UK we haven’t covered and let’s try and create the definitive list.

Really appreciate your help.




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