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| Recycle Outdoor Gear | 27th August, 2012


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We have talked about some of the recycling schemes set up by various outdoor brands in the UK during the last few months

The Berghaus return a boot scheme was successful. The company recently encouraged us to bring old boots and shoes into its stores by offering a special discount off new footwear.  The returned products were then donated to a charity for re-use or recycling.  Berghaus stores in London, Bristol, Manchester and Gateshead all participated in the promotion, which resulted in a significant footwear ‘mountain’ – read more

An interesting project set up by the BMC to look into returning end of life climbing rope  got underway earlier in the year – read more

The good news is the BMC project is now up and running.

A pilot project to recycle climbing gear is now underway with recycling bins placed in six locations around the North West and Sheffield. So if you’re heading for any of the climbing walls below and you’ve got some old rope to throw away, bring it along  – Read more and find out the locations of the climbing walls etc


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BMC Volunteer wanted to recycle climbing gear

| Recycle Outdoor Gear | 14th May, 2012

ROG recycling climbing equipment carabiners, helmet and rope

It’s always good to see recycling and reuse initiatives by outdoor organisations and companies in the UK.

This one recently came to our attention.

The BMC is supporting a pilot project to see if there is a commercial model for recycling climbing ropes and other equipment like helmets and hardware. They are looking for volunteers interested in a career in sustainable business.

This all came about because Dan Firth, a hill walker and climber who has worked in sustainable procurement for various public and private sector bodies as an environmental consultant. When he came to get rid of some old rope, he wondered why it was that no one was offering to take it off his hands. Surely this stuff might be worth something? That’s when he contacted the BMC.

Over the last few months, with the BMC’s encouragement, Dan did some research on whether there might be a business in recycling gear, or perhaps a job or two, which are in short supply right now. From what he’s found out, there are positive signs the idea is worth exploring further, and the BMC are helping him set up a trial project.

Dan told ROG

Everyone I’ve talked to over the last few months while I’ve been shaping up the project has been very enthusiastic, which is great. The BMC were very supportive of the idea when I approached them which has been very helpful. I’m really hopeful that the pilot will be a success and that we can go on to establish the scheme across the country. As well as the obvious concern about not sending all our used kit to landfill I’m also concerned about how difficult it can be for younger people to get a job and it would be great if we could do even a little to help this. Any profit we make will go to ACT (Access Conservation Trust).

So while we’re getting set up please could you hang onto all that old kit for just a bit longer!”

Initially it’s for three months and will be unpaid.

In the long run, if the idea works out, the project will be rolled out nation-wide, and there will be a paid-work job after the initial pilot.

Interested? Then please read the job description and get in touch.

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