We have some new ROG posters.

| Recycle Outdoor Gear | 20th June, 2012

Can you display a ROG Poster?

We have some new posters. If you can it would be a great help in getting the word out.

We now have a number of posters available to help spread the ROG word.

The size of the poster is A4. If we haven’t got a poster suitable we will create one specially for you. Just as.

If you would like to download the poster just send us an email, a Tweet or Facebook and it will be on its way to you.

To our growing numbers of ROG France members mais oui. Les affiches seront disponibles en français.

We really value feedback. So please keep us in the loop, if you have an ideas how we can improve ROG or anything you find not easy to use on the website please let us know.

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Recycle Outdoor Gear (ROG)

Pass on unwanted outdoor gear to someone who can use it.

Recycle Outdoor Gear (ROG)

Gift Your Gear is an independent nationwide initiative that provides outdoor clothing and equipment to UK community organisations, youth groups and charities working with young people in the outdoors.

Gift your Gear

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