Berghaus puts best foot forward to support ROG

| Recycle Outdoor Gear | 8th June, 2012

Berghaus footwear mountain

Berghaus has stepped up to give its support to the Recycle Outdoor Gear (ROG) initiative.

The company recently encouraged consumers to bring old boots and shoes into its stores by offering a special discount off new footwear.  The returned products were then donated to a charity for re-use or recycling.  Berghaus stores in London, Bristol, Manchester and Gateshead all participated in the promotion, which resulted in a significant footwear ‘mountain’.

Launched in 2011 by Sarah Howcroft, co-founder of Rohan, ROG is a sustainability initiative that is promoting and facilitating the re-use of used outdoor gear in the UK.  It is a free service that is hosted on and is available to all brands and retailers in the country. ROG is being supported by many of the UK’s leading outdoor companies and is also backed by the Outdoor Industries Association.

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Bonjure OSV

| Recycle Outdoor Gear | 1st June, 2012

Welcome ROG France and Outdoor Sports Valley

Bonjure a warm welcome to Outdoor Sports Valley

 An excellent opportunity to savour the delights of French outdoor gear

“Outdoor Sports Valley” is an expression that refers to both a region and a cluster of industries dedicated to outdoor sports in France.

This area spans the Alps from Grenoble to Innsbruck, and encompasses tens of thousands of employees from the sports and recreation industries, the headquarters of most outdoor industry companies, and represents one of the planet’s most unique playgrounds.

The Outdoor Sports Valley concept, developed in Annecy in 2009, became an official association in 2010, and a certified industry cluster (Grappe d’Entreprises) in 2011 by the French state (DATAR). Annecy – Chamonix, exceptional geographic and strategic locations, are the official capitals of the Outdoor Sports Valley. Currently covering the Haute-Savoie area, OSV’s role is to federate, represent, and contribute to the development of the outdoor sports industry. Guided by sustainable development principles for all actions, OSV is organized around three core functions: education, business services for members and events  Read more

Benjamin Marias told ROG

 “Product End of Life and Recycling are part of the core sustainability issues at Outdoor Sports Valley (OSV)”. So, it was really naturally that we met with Sarah and create a French area on the ROG website. ROG is a great and pragmatic plate-form to engage brands and consumers toward better sustainability practices regarding product end of life. Donnons une seconde vie à notre matériel outdoor!”
Benjamin Marias, head of the OSV sustainability commission and co-founder of AZIMUT Read more…

ROG is all about collaboration between producers and users of outdoor gear.  Producers being both manufacturers and retailers acknowledging responsibility for their products lasts from cradle to grave and users in making sure unwanted items are passed on to maximumise benefit for new users and the environment.

 “We are delighted to be providing a ROG service to the OSV. My experience, to date, in providing the ROG service in the UK reinforces my long-held belief that collaboration within the industry produces results and surprising outcomes regarding sustainable business practices in the Outdoor Industry. I am looking forward to ROG France with great anticipation. An excellent opportunity to savour the delights of French outdoor gear. We hope very soon ROG will have buy,  swap and donate used outdoor gear ad’s from ROG members in France plus recycling and reuse from French outdoor companies. Please join me in welcoming ROG France in the comments below especially if you Parlez Vous Francais“. Sarah Howcroft Founder of ROG –


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Recycle Outdoor Gear (ROG)

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