Donating Outdoor Gear Just Got Easier

| Recycle Outdoor Gear | 26th October, 2013


Gift Your Gear sent us their news…

We are pleased to announce we now have 57 locations in the UK where you can donate your unwanted outdoor gear.

We are very grateful to our last Gift Your Gear partner Rohan, the award-winning outdoor clothing company for making all their shops available as collection points for Gift Your Gear donations.

If you have used outdoor gear, regardless of brand,  you no longer need please consider dropping into a Rohan Shop. Your gear will be returned to Gift Your Gear and donated to a Gift Your Gear approved beneficiary.

Please join us saying a really big thank you to Rohan.
This is the first for any UK outdoor company. A comprehensive collection system for all used outdoor gear, regardless of brand.

Well done Rohan.

Rohan Shops are located all over the length and breadth of the UK, from Inverness to Truro. By making these available to the outdoor community Rohan has opened up so many possibilities for Gift Your Gear beneficiaries. It is a very generous offer from Rohan and illustrates their commitment ,not only their customers but the outdoor industry in general.

Gift Your Gear –  Donation Locations

Gift Your Gear –  Donate by Post 24/7

Can you help a youth theatre group that need gear please?

| Recycle Outdoor Gear | 29th July, 2013

Big Top circus tent

A youth theatre group working with young people in North Derbyshire is looking for the following gear for their Theatre in the Woods summer school which starts on 21st August 2013

The list:
Small jackets and trousers for the kids
Adult size outdoor gear for five adults
A gazebo type structure
3 day pack sized rucksacks and 2 full-sized
A bum bag for first aid kit in
Large plastic boxes to store all the gear in.

If you are in the Sheffield/North Derbyshire area and could help please let us know and we will put you in contact

Gift Your Gear Supports 50 UK Charities

| Recycle Outdoor Gear | 22nd June, 2013

Gift Your Gear Supports 50 UK Charities

Gift Your Gear has led a nationwide initiative to help 50 different UK charities that focus on working with young people stay safe, warm and dry in the great outdoors.

With the help of outdoor equipment companies from across the UK, Gift Your Gear has been encouraging people to donate any outdoor gear they no longer use. The reusable outdoor gear was then donated to charities who work with young people in the outdoors. These generous donations enabled others to benefit from the life changing experiences outdoor adventures can create, regardless of their circumstances.

The most recent Gift Your Gear event partnered with Rohan, the award winning outdoor and travel clothing company. The month long event yielded a whopping 6,000 items of used outdoor gear, most of the gear was donated via the 60 Rohan Shops in the UK.

The 50 charities have made very good use of the outdoor jackets, waterproofs, fleeces, walking trousers, boots, gloves and hats that they received. Priority was given to organisations that have, or intended to establish, an outdoor equipment gear pool. This was done in order to ensure that the maximum number of people benefit from the donated gear for the longest time.

Sarah Howcroft, founder of Gift Your Gear, stresses the importance of the reuse of outdoor gear. She says, “If an outdoor jacket is worn for a couple of years and then ends up forgotten in the back of a wardrobe, its full potential is never reached. Most outdoor gear will last much longer than people want or need it to. If that jacket is donated through Gift Your Gear to a local community organisation, youth group or charity that works in the outdoors, not only is the useful life of the jacket extended, but another person gets to experience the joy of good gear as well.”

Find all of your unwanted outdoor gear and get it ready for the next Gift Your Gear.

Gift Your Gear invites any charities working with young people in the outdoors to contact them.

Outdoor Gear available for donation

| Recycle Outdoor Gear | 17th February, 2013

donate used outdoor gear

Outdoor Gear available for donation.

This quality outdoor gear has been made available by a family.
They request that the gear is collected from either Didcot, Oxfordshire or Manchester area.
If you are interested in this very generous offer please contact ROG.

3 pairs Meindl Walking Boots size 9.5 (one pair new)
1 Karrimor 60lt Backpack
1 RAB Glacier Down Jacket, Red, Large
1 Sprayway Polartec Fleece, Red, Large
1 Berghaus Extreme W/proof Jacket, Yellow/Black, X Large
1 Pair Serious Goretex Gloves, Black
1 Pair Berghaus Windstopper Gloves, Black
2 North Face Polartec Helmets
2 Ice Axes
2 Bivvy Bags
2 Pairs Grivel Crampons
1 Pair Stubai Crampons
1 Pair Outdoor Designs Gaiters
1 Pair Wynnster Gaiters
1 Lifeventure Bum Bag
1 Kestrel Sleeping bag
1 Pair Microspikes
3 Head Lamps
1 Battery Charger + 8 re-chargeable AA batteries
2 Compasses
2 Map Cases
1 Bod Sit Climbing Harness
1 Carrier Bag of Climbing Rope (appears unused)
6 pairs waterproof over-trousers

Season for giving with Gift Your Gear

| Recycle Outdoor Gear | 2nd December, 2012

Gift Your Gear -  ROG

Donate your used outdoor gear through Gift Your Gear

The first very successful Gift Your Gear with Rohan initiative ended a few weeks ago.

Since then we have noticed a growing trend on ROG which is really lovely.

Many ROG users have asked if they can continue to donate their used, unwanted outdoor gear to Gift Your Gear.
So after a bit of organisation behind the scenes we have made it possible for this to happen.

This is how it all works:
Please contact us with details of the outdoor gear you have available to donate.
We will circulate the details to all Gift Your Gear beneficiary organisations.
Interest will be forwarded to you.
There is no charge for this service.

Gift Your Gear beneficiaries have all agreed to add donations to their communal outdoor gear equipment pools.
So you gear will get maximum use.
The groups are all UK-based often involved in getting young people in to the outdoors.
If you know of any organisation that would benefit from donated used outdoor gear please contact us

So it is the season for giving and you can now do it on ROG through Gift Your Gear.

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