Tent Recycling, Sheep and The Lookerers

| Recycle Outdoor Gear | 10th June, 2013

The Lookerers Cloak

The Lookerers Cloak – Nazare Soares the photographer

What do sheep, volunteer shepherds and old tents have in common?

Answer: The Lookerers Cloak and one very innovate person.

We get lots of enquiries about what to do with tents that are either no longer usable our no longer needed.

The latter usually find new homes on ROG. The former is another matter.

We have had enquiries for sustainable solutions for tents abandoned at the end of festivals and gatherings.

Some of these involve container loads of reusable tents!

We are always very interested when we see that somebody is actually interested in tents that are no longer usable.

Such was the case with the following story…

Maria Eva Russo has designed a garment specially for a community of modern shepherds of Brighton and Hove.

The Lookerers Cloak represents past and present using local wool and a reclaimed tent; applying traditional and modern-day skills.

Read  Maria’s story

Please let us know if you come across any reuse projects for tents and we will add it to our other stories on tent recycling and  reuse




Clothing with intent

| Recycle Outdoor Gear | 3rd January, 2012

Standing in the rain at Glastonbury Festival 2009, Kate Benton had a revelation.

WiTHiNTENT uses fabric from the tonnes of broken and damaged tents that are left behind at the end of music festivals, to create shower-proof clothing and accessories for the festival market. Each item is designed and made in the UK. This is the story of how it all started…

Whilst leafing through her slightly soggy copy of The Glastonbury Paper, Kate was astounded to read that thousands of tents are left behind at this festival alone every year – with the majority ending up in landfill. Inspired by Glastonbury’s environmental responsibility, Kate decided that something had to be done to help break the disposable nature of our society. And so the idea for WiTHiNTENT was born. Tents that are left behind by naughty boys and girls are up-cycled to make beautiful, functional, ethically made shower proof clothing and accessories. Ever-mindful

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